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About Me

Dog Trainer and Responsible Breeder

I love dogs and enjoy working with people who love their dogs. I take great pleasure when I see that moment where the training pays off and the dog and their owner 'click' together. Over the years I have trained many different breeds of dog and given their owners greater skills and confidence

I am qualified dog trainer with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT). This institution is a recognised centre of excellence and is recognised by the Pet Education and Behaviour Council of Great Britain (PETbc), Guild of Dog Trainers and is a Kennel Club Preferred Educational Provider. In addition to this I have completed seminars and learning forums with some of the worlds top trainers.

I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and I breed one high quality litter a year. I have a passion for breeding, rearing and training puppies that are physically healthy, mentally balanced and make wonderful companions.

I enjoy working with dogs and families - including children of all ages...

  • Helping people to teach their dogs to be calm, well behaved both in public and around the home.
  • Helping owners to build strong and lasting bonds with their dogs.
  • Solving problems or preventing them from developing.
  • Understanding dog communication and signals.
  • Developing impulse control and setting boundaries through positive fun interactions with dogs.

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